Salesforce Products

Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the bread-and-butter of the platform. This application (app) allows a sales agent to create leads, convert them to opportunities add contacts and accounts and move through the complete sales lifecycle. Sales Cloud includes detailed reporting including pipeline, forecasting, goals and other KPIs and much more. This is considered the bedrock of the Salesforce CRM and is typically the first product used for a new organization.

As with all Salesforce products, declarative (non-code) customization can be built in to allow notifications, real-time Chatter feed, workflows to automate processes and much more.

Service Cloud

This app provides efficient customer service capability in the form of case management, queues, omni-channel routing based on agent skills and other criteria, telephony (call center) integrations and an all-in-one console screen for a full view of their work. Service Cloud can completely transform your company's help desk and increase customer satisfaction. Like all other Cloud products, Service Cloud can be automated for peak performance of repetitive tasks. Reporting covers agent-level to management-level views, from the duration of cases until closed, number of cases per agent and many other custom KPIs to evaluate ongoing productivity.

Service Cloud can also be expanded with a Knowledge Base, which provides self-help articles for customers and internal information for agents.

Field Service

Salesforce Field Service is in hot demand for companies who perform site-based installations, service technicians, etc. This app provides support for technician tracking and scheduling, GPS tech and vehicle location, creating and fulfilling work orders from cases (a service call is received as a case and then converted to a work order to dispatch a tech to resolve the issue) and more. The app comes with a built-in dispatcher console for drag-and-drop ease of scheduling techs based on location, skills, service territory, truck inventory necessary to repair or install equipment. Maintenance plans can be set up for proactive customer service, such as yearly visits and fulfill service contracts.

Field Service has a great potential for customization to make operations support even more efficiency and optimization.

Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud)

Experience Cloud is an entire customer, employee and/or partner portal. It can be as simple as a Help Desk where customers can log in, file a case, check the status and communicate directly from their account with an agent or include much more. Customers can also become experts by responding to questions and becoming a brand and company advocate (which you can incentivize!). Plus, customers can review products and promote them through info to other potential buyers.

Partners can have access to accounts, contacts and reporting to maximize their work with you and make them more efficient sellers and communicators. Training courses, product information and even connect to internal sales teams.

Employees can log in to view IT and their HR-related information such as onboarding and payroll, plus collaborate with other employees.