About Us

Hello and welcome!

My name is Sarah Huerta (<--- I'm the woman in the photo ;) ) and I am a 7x Salesforce Certified expert with over 5 years in the Salesforce ecosystem. I am passionate about helping small businesses maximize their potential by implementing the #1 CRM platform in the world, Salesforce.

I have worked with small to enterprise-level companies, but love working with smaller organizations which I feel benefit more in the long-term than multi-national empires. As a small business owner myself, my goal is to customize Salesforce and provide the training needed to make the most of Salesforce and help businesses realize their vision and then go beyond. After all, what good is a great CRM when no one knows how to use it? Let's nip that in the bud while we're at it!

In addition to being a Salesforce professional, I am a wife, mother, author, yoga practitioner and artist. I am also an epistemophile/philomath and I study everything from programming and keelboat sailing to sculpture and historical and contemporary English Etiquette (think Emily Post).

I cannot wait to hear from you! Please reach out or schedule an appointment with me via my Calendly link!

By the way, what's with the "Acorn" in Acorn CRM Consulting?

Acorns are the delightful little seeds beloved by squirrels everywhere and the progenitors of the mighty oak tree. This is how I view small businesses. They have an immense potential for greatness when nurtured with mindful care and thoughtfulness.